Brand New Site Relaunch!

Here at DPA-Packaging we understand the importance of the growing web. That’s why we have heavily invested in bringing a whole new online shopping experience to our nationwide customers. 

Faster, more responsive and ready for the future our brand new website is built on all the latest technologies and designed with mobile in mind. All good stuff. But even better is our more human approach to site search. While still in early days we’re bringing new capabilities that will give our users the ultimate experience. 

We’re currently adding full voice support so the ever-growing popularity of Alexa and “Hello Google” are well within our stride. Combined with our site search strategies this should make finding the right products on our site as easy as asking the right question such as “I need packaging for,,,,,,,”. You get the point. 

You can visit the homepage of our brand new website here, it’s already very good and constantly improving.
We hope you enjoy!

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