FOAM WRAP (1mm THICKNESS) 500mm x 300m - 1 ROLL

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Product Details

  • 1 roll foam wrap
  • 50cm
  • 500mm
  • 1mm thickness
  • 300m on a roll
  • Ideal protection for sensitive and delicate surfaces
  • Foam wrap ensures that the products are kept in perfect condition and protected against scratches etc
  • Ideal protection for mirrors, glass and polished wood as it is lint and dust free
  • Flexible and light weight foam wrap
Another great product from DPA packaging. And please note if you cannot see the precise item you need contact us on 01253 402502. DPA Packaging is always more than happy to go the extra mile. We like to ensure our customers needs are catered to. Our focus is customer satisfaction; you can always be safe in the knowledge that DPA Packaging has got you covered.
We are wholesale packaging specialists with a wide range of packaging products available for mail order.
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