Wooden Chip Fork 1000/box

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  • Wooden Chip Fork
  • 1000/box

Is this chip fork eco-friendly?

Our wooden chip forks are also designed to be compostable, so they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

What can you use a chip fork for?

A wooden chip fork is a simple but effective utensil that is perfect for enjoying chips, french fries or other similar foods.

What makes this wooden chip fork best for chips ?

It is made entirely out of birch wood and is disposable making it perfect for chip shops and their customers. The fork consists of a handle and two prongs at the end, which are used to spear the food.  The prongs are spaced apart to allow for easy picking up of the food.

What makes this chip fork standout ?

The wood used to make the fork is untreated and unvarnished, which gives it a natural look and feel. The wood is also biodegradable, which is why wooden forks are often preferred over plastic ones. The fork is also lightweight and easy to use.

Its natural look and feel, combined with its eco-friendly properties, make it a popular choice for many people.

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Wooden Chip ForkWooden Chip ForkWooden Chip ForkWooden Chip Fork

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