Economical Mail Sack Grey 16″ x 21″ + 2″ 100/pack

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  • Economical Mail Sack Grey 16″ x 21″ + 2″
  • 100/pack
  • These bags are opaque, so no one can see what you are sending
  • 400mm x 525mm + 50mm
  • 50 micron
  • Extremely popular mail sacks
  • Perfect compliment to any business using couriers or Royal Mail to send parcels
  • Peel off strip makes it easy to use and seal
  • Made from virgin polythene
Economical Mail Sack Grey

Economical Mail Sack Grey Economical Mail Sack Grey Economical Mail Sack Grey 

Another great product from DPA packaging. And please note if you cannot see the precise item you need contact us on 01253 402502. DPA Packaging is always more than happy to go the extra mile. We like to ensure our customers needs are catered to. Our focus is customer satisfaction; you can always be safe in the knowledge that DPA Packaging has got you covered.

DPA Packaging Range of Economy Postal Bags

Mail Sack FAQs

What is an economy mailing sack?

Our economy mail sacks are our best value mailing sacks, available in a large selection of sizes to suit a variety of products and purposes. The 55 micron thick grey material grants a reasonable degree of strength while remaining very lightweight to minimise postal costs.

This item is designed with practicality in mind with the 40mm lip that includes a self-seal strip. This feature eliminates the need for tape, simplifying the whole packing process for increased efficiency. These qualities are imperative within a busy dispatch operation, promoting the fast functioning of an ecommerce business. As a result of all these factors, tape dispensers or cutting tools can be removed from a pack station, aiding organisation.

Are the polythene mailing sacks eco-friendly?

The grey polythene is made from recycled materials, making it a low-cost and environmentally friendly option. It is worth noting that, due to the recycled content, the shade of grey may vary slightly from the images.

Can you reuse a mailing sack?

These plastic mailing sacks are made with a minimum amount of recycled material to suit their single-use purpose so are not designed for reuse. However, there is nothing stopping a customer from reusing a grey mailing bag if it retains its high quality condition.

What are grey mailing sacks used for?

Thanks to the wide range of sizes supplied by DPA Packaging, the economy mail sacks can carry a broad selection of products, making them suitable for various businesses and endeavours. The large letter sizes are perfect for sending out clothes or books,][ while the larger parcels are typically used for bulky or boxed items. The opaque exterior renders the envelopes suitable for sending out confidential materials too.

A polythene mailing sack is a great universal product with a variety of uses, making it an ideal versatile resource for companies sending out a range of different items. The flat-pack and ultra-thin arrival aids this end by conserving warehouse space.

These grey mailing bags perform well when compared to paper mailing bags, offering tear-resistance and safety to your items and protecting them from tampering.  It is important to note, these are not appropriate for sending fragile goods.

What mailing sack sizes do you recommend?

This will vary widely depending on what items they are intended before. As mentioned above, for textiles and clothing, we recommend the large letter size. For larger household items, the medium and large parcel sizes are best.

Are mail sacks waterproof?

The self-seal strip makes your package airtight and hence waterproof so it is well-protected during its journey to customers.

Is it more cost effective to ship a polythene bag or a box?

Thanks to being small in size and lightweight, polybags cost less per shipment when compared to boxes. They are also cheaper to buy per unit than boxes and padded envelopes.

Economy Mail Sack Grey

Economy Mail Sack GreyEconomy Mail Sack Grey



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